MAY 10, 2005 MINUTES


The regular meeting of the Lincoln Township Board was called to order by the Supervisor with all members present and 18 guests. The agenda was amended by motion from Wray.

Correspondence was read and an update on hall roof repairs was given. The Charter Cable lease agreement was addressed and Sheriff Department neighborhood watches letter read.

The minutes of April's meeting were approved after motion by Oswald.

The Treasurer's report was given and included update of additional new financial institution, being Members First Credit Union.

Payment of township taxes at M.F.C.U. after motion from Oswald. Roll call vote: Ensign-YES, Hughes-YES, Oswald-YES, Wray- YES, Briggs-YES. Approved unanimously.

Attendance of MTA Seminar for code enforcement officer approved after motion by Hughes.

Midland Tomorrow agreement, based on 2000 census data approved after motion by Hughes.

Roll call vote: Briggs- NO, Wray- YES, Oswald-YES, Hughes- YES, Ensign-YES.

Attendance of MTA Seminar by Clerk and Treasurer approved after motion by Hughes.

Attendance of Midland TWP Officers dinner by members and spouses approved after motion by Hughes.

A 5 year road program was approved after motion from Ensign and seconded by Oswald.

Township hall lease agreement amended after motion by Hughes. Approved unanimously.

Liquor Fund monies transferred to capital improvement fund and C. D. investment. after motion by Hughes. Roll call vote: Wray- YES, Hughes- YES, Ensign-YES, Oswald-YES, Briggs -YES.

Meeting adjourned at 8:18 p.m.


Larry Hughes, Clerk