JULY 12, 2005 MINUTES


The regular meeting of the Lincoln Township Board was called to order by the Supervisor with all board members present and 26 guests.

The agenda was amended after motion by Ensign.

Public comment was heard from Mrs. Novarro.  Correspondence was read.

The minutes of June's meeting were approved after motion from Oswald.

The Treasurer's report was given.

Motion to pay bills on hand by Ensign and seconded by Oswald. Roll call vote: Briggs- YES, Wray-YES, Oswald-YES, Hughes-YES, Ensign-YES. Approved unanimously.

The fire department, planning commission, building inspector, code enforcement officer, and water district reports were given.

Resolution of optical scanner grant request by Wray and seconded by Ensign. Roll call vote: Ensign-YES, Hughes-YES, Oswald-YES, Wray ?YES, Briggs-YES. Approved unanimously.

Stark Road water main R.F.P. by invitation approved after motion by Wray and seconded by Ensign.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 P.M.


Larry Hughes, Clerk