August 9, 2005


The regular meeting of the Lincoln Township Board was called to order at 7 p.m. by the Supervisor with the following regular board members present:

                        Kevin Wray –              Supervisor

                        Kimberly Oswald –     Treasurer

                        Gary Briggs -              Trustee


The following regular board members were absent:

Larry Hughes -            Clerk

Susan Ensign -            Trustee

Twelve guests were present.


The agenda was accepted as presented after motion from Oswald/seconded by Briggs.


There was no public comment.


Correspondence was read.  Supervisor Wray has informational packet concerning formation of neighborhood watch groups, should anyone wish to do so.


The minutes of July’s meeting were approved after motion from Oswald/seconded by Briggs.


The Treasurer’s report was given.  Report stands as presented.


Motion to pay bills on hand by Oswald and seconded by Briggs. 

Roll call vote:              Briggs – YES              Wray – YES                Oswald – YES


The fire department, planning commission, ordinance enforcement officer, and water district reports were given.  New ordinance enforcement officer was identified and introduced.  No building inspector report was given.


Phil Sworden, Midland Conservation District was not present.


Motion made by Supervisor Wray to appoint Steve Marker as new ordinance enforcement officer for a term to end on 12/31/2005, with subsequent renewable terms per annum.  Seconded by Oswald.

Roll call vote:              Briggs – YES              Wray – YES                Oswald – YES


Negative Impact Land Use Resolution presented and explained by Supervisor Wray.

Motion amended to include following amendment:


Whereas, the township of Lincoln has voluntarily given up taxable property for mosquito control and Road Commission facilities for public usage and benefit;



Motion to adopt proposal (as amended) introduced by Wray; seconded by Oswald.

Role call vote:             Briggs – YES              Wray – YES                Oswald – YES


Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.



Barb Wilson

Deputy Clerk